Strictly speaking, we define sacred everything connected to the experience of an other reality we feel in the same time subordinate to, frightened and fascinated by.

Sometimes we can live this experience in front of a place, a tree or a person where we see something "different", which does not belong to our reality, indefinable because not dictated by physical characteristics.

Then we enter the dimension of the sacred, ineffable, magic. A state of consciousness that escapes mind. An extra-ordinary dimension where everything is composed of intelligent energy totallly inter-connected with our deepest essence.

Ancient Traditions were all perceving this "subtle" reality and worked hard to discover its nature and quality, learning how to interact with the eternal movements of transformation of that living energy.

It's been called Qi by Chinese, Ki by Japanese, Mana by Polynesians, Prana by Hindus, Pneuma by Greeks, Sami by Incas, Sacer by Etruscans and Romans.

They all put great attention to the places where to settle and where to carry out their activities, preferring those where a strong presence of the energy that animates matter was manifesting.

In the course of time, those who mostly cultivated connection technics with that force managed to codify rituals and practices to sharpen the perception and manipulation of it (FengShui, QiGong, TaiJi, Yoga, Alchemy, etc).

In Sacred Geography workshops one will learn how to improve his own ability to connect with different energetic qualities of places and human being, gaining powerful tools for well-being, personal growth and exploration of the universe outside and inside himself.

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